Why Video Marketing are Crucial?


Why Video Marketing is effective, video’s is a form that we are very used to be. It’s easy to watch and provide a great deal of information in a short time and can be comfortably watched even on the smaller screens like smartphone or tablet.


Most people first watch video on a regular basis probably more time we spend reading books or magazines.


It’s a safe bet then and that most people would rather get their information from videos than reading website pages. Videos stand out not everyone uses video in their marketing and therefore video has a value that will be remembered.


Videos displayed prominently on your homepage or elsewhere on a Web site will be noticed and relevant most likely view in Google search result video listings have thumbnail images and all visually eye-catching compared to the normal text links. statistics show the people conducting searches see imagery in the search results before they view words.


Videos is engaging abusive needing images and sound consume the viewer offering you a few minutes their attention and the chance to convince them to make a positive action.


So I hope you will agree video marketing is effective and the combination of a great format and something noticeable that keep your potential customer engage with your brand must provide some exciting marketing opportunities.


But I don’t believe that video works well and this is part of the biggest marketing picture. After all, it is only one part of the viewer journey we need to carefully consider how the viewer has come from on where you would like them to go next.


Why Video Increases Click Through Rate

  1. Just using the word “video” increases click through rate by 57%.
  2. Videos not only make you stand apart from other search results but it helps to increase your click through rate. Video snippets are attractive and cut the SERP clutter and help your audience to make choices.
  3. Emails with video get more clicks CTR compared to emails without videos.
  4. Video search results have a 50% higher click-through-rate than plain text.


Why Videos Can Improve Conversion Rate

  • Videos are like your CTAs (Call to Action) because you can literally show people how to get subscribed or how to buy your product.
  • Videos convert because your viewers could see products and services in action. The best examples of it could be an iPhone review and software how-to videos where we could see the actual product in action.
  • 73% of Consumers More Likely to Make a Purchase After Watching a Video.


Why Video Marketing Is Future Of Marketing

I won’t say video marketing is future because we could see it’s happening now. Our television is the biggest example of video marketing but it is ruled by big companies like Apple, Coca-Cola etc.


When it comes to digital marketing, video marketing is emerging and very few big companies are involved in video marketing but in the future, videos will happen on big, small and medium-size companies will adopt it.


According to Salesforce. In 2017 72% of all internet traffic will be video and according to Cisco – By 2017 video will account for 70% of all consumer internet traffic; that’s HUGE…. So if you want to win the race get into video marketing before everyone does.


Online Video marketing is the most effective marketing and evergreen marketing method. Big companies have been using video marketing from many years but nowadays small and medium scale businesses and bloggers are using video marketing to reach out to their audience.


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