Which Marketing Channels Drive More Calls?

Which Marketing Channels Drive More Clicks and Calls


For this year’s survey, we had 678 respondents who had worked on optimizing over 700 locations in the last 12 months. The respondents are small and medium business owner, search agencies, search consultants etc.

We see that Local search and organic search come out on top resulting in higher conversion.

Phone Calls are the most valuable type of lead for most businesses. Local search offers visibility to local customers. So it’s not surprising that conversion from the Local business listing is high. However, his may continue next year if Google persists and forcing searchers to click deeper into its pages.


Organic search & AdWords as the channels which most business owners & SEOs would choose to bring traffic to their business.


Which Marketing Channels Drive More Clicks & Phone Calls?


local search

local search is the winner


The diagram above shows Local Search is the clear winner of receiving the most clicks and phone calls. This is great news for those involved in the local business search industry and convinces local business owners to invest more in local search.

Once again social channels such as Twitter & Facebook perform poorly, due to trust and other factors which fail to deliver quality leads and decent ROI.

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