June 14, 2017

Video Marketing Services

Video Marketing Services

Affordable Video Marketing Services

Videos are the fastest growing online marketing tool vastly used for brand promotions. GrabClients.com is one of the affordable and best video advertisements and marketing company having expertise in developing effective video marketing approaches that create excellent user engagement.


Simply add a video to your sales page, you should see a significant increase in people signing up for your offering. It helps your business rank higher in search and your potential buyers find you effortlessly.


By including videos into your business and social media marketing you can furthermore gain advantages and benefits.



Reach Viewers Globally

Visuals do have the power to make the substantial impression on the human mind. We help you create a long-lasting brand impression with social media ads.


Users are more likely to share a video than articles and news.


It is a great tool for businesses and professionals to showcase their vision, expertise, products and services, company announcements news for greatest outreach.



Benefits of Video Marketing

Depending on the keyword phrase, we are generally successful at getting your video ranked on page Google with our online video marketing services.


Already have a great video? Our video marketing Singapore team can help to optimize and together with our video distribution service can create optimum results.


Google loves new and engaging content. Video marketing is an ideal way of getting your message out to searchers on the internet.


We can help optimize it and distribute it for optimum results. Google loves new and engaging content. Video marketing is an ideal way of getting your message out to searchers on the internet.


Benefits of video marketing

Benefits of video marketing


Additional benefits of video search marketing include:

  • Easy consumption
  • Appealing to the senses
  • Engages the emotions
  • Demonstrates expertise and helps affirm credibility and branding


There is no limit to what our best video production team can do.

No matter how complex an idea might seem, our skilled videographers, script writers & in-house talent have the shared knowledge and support to develop a solution to meet your needs.


Your Clients and Trust Factor

In the case of the food business, the trust factor is the key to success. Once a customer starts having confidence in your food quality, he or she will stay loyal to your products permanently.


Our client wanted to build that trust at a very initial stage and we trusted on our best and affordable video marketing strategy.


Short video posts by us, on their social pages, worked like wonders and their business spread across numerous locations.


Videos drive traffic and engagement and convey information better than other types of content and increase trust.


Gain a Higher Social Media Reach

Get more people to like, comment and share your posts on Fan Page has been an increasing challenge for business owners.


The good news is, the video has been a shimmering beam of hope where 73% of users say they are will share interesting videos on social media.

Make an effort to create fun and engaging videos, this will increase your brand exposure and attention.


Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

Videos have a direct impact on search results. It is a common experience that rich media like videos are preferred by search engine algorithms on PageRank.


Google has been constantly adjusting its algorithm to give its users a meaningful experience online. To satisfy user intention, they show a variety of results and not just exact keyword matches.


Benefits of Using Our Video Marketing Services:

    • Video get more views and more hits to your website which increased conversion rate.
    • We create a short video of 120 seconds to explain your product or service.
    • We conceptualize the video, write a script and storyboard the entire video from start to finish.
    • An eye catching way to sell your product or service and grab your visitor’s attention.
    • With more views and hits to your video, your website will rank higher in search and improve SEO.
    • Online videos are more cost effective than any other form of media.


We develop and market the video as per your business idea’s like:

1. Explainer Videos
2. Advertising Videos
3. Marketing Videos



The combination of visuals and sound evoke emotion much more effectively than text alone. Viewers connect to video in a way that is unparalleled by other forms of content, which is why it’s the perfect tool to get an audience to take action.

If you want to pull your viewers in, connect with them emotionally, and then get them to take the next step, the video is the way to do it.



If there’s one type of content that complements the majority of learning styles, it’s video. So if you have a complicated product or service, video can help your audience follow along and understand your message.



Google loves fresh and engaging content. Video marketing is an ideal way of getting your message across to searchers on the internet.



Without a doubt, getting your audience’s attention is one of the most difficult parts of marketing your products and services. People are willing to give their attention to a video, but it’s up to you to use this superpower effectively!


Video Marketing Services

Video Marketing Services


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