Insider Secrets for Real Estate Video SEO

The Insider Secrets of Marketing with Real Estate Videos

The Insider Secrets of Marketing with Real Estate Videos

Youtube and Vimeo are my favorite traffic sources for Real Estate Video SEO. Many real estate agents and small business owners haven’t looked at Video as a means of internet lead traffic generation. Real Estate Agents and Companies need to acknowledge the power of Youtube and Vimeo that can accomplish great success when fully utilize it.

Youtube is 100% owned by Google and is now recognized by online marketers as the world’s 2nd biggest search engine. Videos released on Youtube have a much higher chance of ranking on Google search compared to that of videos on another platform.

Many real estate agents and businesses are having extremely hard times to get their website to show up on top of google search or even at the bottom few on the first page of google search. That’s why you need videos, Video is easier to rank compared to websites.

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Real Estate Video SEO – You Should Do This If You Want to be Successful

Real estate is a fabulous way for ranking videos. If you are a real estate agent, you probably have a few properties with sole selling rights. Create a video for each property. Optimized the video. Include a call to action and links in the video description. Add social bookmarks and web 2.0 properties. For more difficult to rank keywords or phrases, add some authority links. That’s all. The video will show up on the First Page of Google Search and slowly climb to the top.


Why Showing up Your Video on the First Page of Google Matters?

People who are looking for a new house will type the house address in the google search, example: “Water Villas Kovan Road” or “Water Villas at Kovan Road” to find the nearby schools,  nearest transit station, closest shopping center, playground for kids, restaurants, bars, and pubs etc. When your video is ranking on that page, they are going to watch the video and most of the time your video is the only one on that page.


Do you see the Power of showing up your video on the first page?

If you haven’t started creating a video for the houses you are selling, it’s time to do it. Videos are 10 times more likely to be watched than advertisements on newspaper or other platforms. Start looking at what your competitors are doing with videos. Trust me, if done right and aligned with your content marketing priorities, you will win.

What do you think? What are your real estate marketing goals? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


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