Should You Switch Your Site to HTTPS?

Should You Switch Your Site to HTTPS

As a business owner, you need to make your visitor feel safe, if the user sees “not secure” sign when they browse your site, your brand will no longer seem completely trust. This is why you must switch your website to HTTPS.

Security is something that Google takes very menacingly and it’s likely to become more significant in the future.

Google prefers sites that are trusted and certified. This is because users can be guaranteed that the site will encrypt their data for that extra level of security. However, you should know that getting a certificate can be an involved task (which is why it allows for higher ranking benefits).


My Website Doesn’t Handle Sensitive Information. Why Should I Care About HTTPS vs HTTP?

Quite simply, because Google’s search rankings favor HTTPS over HTTP. Google started using HTTPS as a ranking signal in 2015. It can also boost trust and confidence in your business when visitors see the security symbol and HTTPS as part of the address. Using HTTPS shows that you value your visitors’ privacy, even if you aren’t receiving any individual information from them.

In 2016, web browsers like chrome and firefox started warning users when they visit sites that use HTTP. If your site includes a contact form that asks for the visitor’s email address, the browser will display a security warning if the page doesn’t use HTTPS.


Here are the Benefits of HTTPs:


Faster Performance

HTTPs has better multiplexing, parallelism, HPACK compression, ALPN extension, server push, etc., it now makes up for that TLS overhead. And finally getting rid of some of the hacks like domain sharding and concatenation is a plus in my opinion.


It’s Better for Users

In this economy downturn, it is crucial to secure your site to protect from hackers and spammer. I couldn’t tell you the last time I heard about a hacking incident because they seem to happen so frequently. So, it is vital to protect your private information being stolen or compromised.


Google is Indexing Mobile

Google is actually starting indexing mobile, but in order for a mobile site to be indexable, Google suggests several best practices, one of which is to “start by migrating to a secure site,” especially “HTTPS”. HTTPS is preferred over HTTP in the index. 8 out of 10 on the first page listings are HTTPS. So get secure, you’ll be glad you did.


More Secure

The obvious and better protection. Any information no matter where it is passed should always be encrypted, whether it is credit card data, email address, usernames, passwords or other information etc. It prevents tampering by third parties and makes your site more secure for visitors.


Switch Your Site to HTTPS

Switch Your Site to HTTPS


Builds Trust

By using HTTPS you can build trust with your visitors and possibly even help your conversion rates. I know I will never put any information in a site if it doesn’t have that green padlock that says ” Secure” at the top. (See the image below).

Example of a Secure Site

Example of a Secure Site


Most Browsers Give Warnings

As of August 23rd of 2016 with the release of Chrome 53, Chrome now displays a mid-grey colored infobox. (See the image below). Click on the “i” infobox, it will show “Your connection to this site is not Secure“. I don’t know about you, but I will never put any information or to trust a site which is NOT Secure.

Your connection to this site is not Secure

Your connection to this site is not Secure


How Do I Switch My Website to HTTPS?

If you’re interested in having a new site built using HTTPS or if you need to have your existing site converted, Contact us today for details. We can help you to switch to HTTPS at little or NO COST. We can be reached at (+65) 66993068 or (+65) 98133889. Visit our website to learn more about the services that we offer.


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