October 15, 2015

Reputation Management Service

Reputation Management Service

Reputation Management Service

Reputation Management Service

Studies are showing that 83% of Consumers Trust Online Reviews

Many consumers today turn to online reviews to find out more about a new product or business before they make a purchase decision. It’s therefore, crucial for businesses to pay attention to reputation management and read what online reviews are saying about their business.

A bad review or no review at all may lose likely customers to your competitors.


Fewer consumers are reading more than 6 reviews before they are able to conclude a decision.


This means that business owners need to manage their online reputations even more discreetly because good or bad reviews that are showing on search results determine the buying decisions.


There is no jurisdiction in controlling the info placed on the web. The problem is many readers believe what they read online.


Truth or salacious readers are more likely to believe what they read online. Most readers will spend only a few seconds on any given web page before they browse other pages.


Reputation management service ensure positive reviews

We help to ensure that your online reputation is positive. We provide our clients to ensure that positive reviews are on the tip of the iceberg and the next few pages where consumer search your company name online.


Online reviews have insane influence over consumer’s beliefs and behavior. Reviews decide not just whether a brand or business is visible in search engines and social media but also how people perceive it and whether or not they would buy it.


Our Reputation Management Service:


1. Get more reviews

Reputation Management Service – Getting positive online reviews is a challenge for all business. Ideally, we’d have passionate and engaged clients who would sing our praises without our prompting. But the reality is, well, in reality, it sometimes stands in our way.


Ask happy customers why they didn’t write a review of a business that deserved one and they’ll tell you: They didn’t think to do so, or they forgot to do so, or they just found the process too difficult.


2. Fix your bad reviews

Reputation Management Service – Having bad news on the first page of Google search results is like having bad news on the front page of the newspaper.


But unlike a newspaper that changes every day, your search results won’t change unless you do something about it. We can help.


Our end goal is to help you look your absolute best in search results.


3. Professional Copywriters

We also provide our clients with high-quality content writers, professional press releases, news distribution, targeting and increasing online traffic, social media exposure to help you connect and engage with targeted audiences.


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