Psychology of Color in Marketing and Branding

Research has shown that 91% of shoppers will look at the visual appearance of your company’s logo, website, brochures, or catalogs and then decide whether or not to make a purchase from you.

The purchase is based on the first impression of how they perceive and feel about your brand. The statistics clearly show how important it is to choose the right color for your own brand. And I’m sure you don’t want to just pick any random color when it comes to designing your company’s logo. Which is why, this has to be done carefully with proper research and if you’ve chosen the wrong color, it is going to hurt your company brand identity.

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The following is a short breakdown of the color theory, which will help you use color more effectively in order to strengthen your brand’s identity.

Red is probably still one of the best marketing colors you can use to attract more attention. It’s associated with passion and excitement as well as with creating a sense of urgency, making it an excellent color option for limited time promotions or clearance sales.

Blue is related to feelings of tranquility, peace, and reliability. You won’t see many fast food restaurants using blue in their logos due to the fact that it is linked with curbing your appetite.

However, because it is related to reliability, dependability, and trust, you’ll find that almost every major social media network uses blue as their primary branding color, including the top three social platforms – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

is associated with nature, health, tranquility, and power. Its association with nature is pretty obvious and is one of the main reasons why you see companies or organizations that have to do with the environment use the color green in their branding; for example, the Environmental Protection Agency.

A good example of a company that uses green to show its power is John Deere. They produce farm machinery and lawn machinery (there’s the nature link as well) that they want to associate with power, which is why all of their lawn mowers and tractors are painted green.

Orange and Yellow these colors are very cheerful and are known for promoting optimism. They are also known for creating a certain feeling of anxiety, which is used by companies to incite impulse buying.

Yellow is also said to catch the eye quicker than any other color. It’s one of the reasons why this is also a color often used by many companies to signify optimism, enlightenment, and happiness.

The color orange can be found in the branding of many sports teams – optimism is a big part of sports since only one team can be a champion in any given year.

You can find orange in teams such as the Phoenix Suns, the Cincinnati Bengals, the San Francisco Giants and more.

Black is a tricky color since it can be overwhelming if used too often. However, its use is associated with authority, boldness, elegance, and tradition.

For example, Adidas is probably one of the most famous manufacturers of sports clothing and sports shoes.

And as you can see from their logo, Adidas has three black stripes on everything that they produce. According to Adidas, the purpose of choosing the color black is for motivating the youth to engage themselves more actively in athletics.

White is linked to purity, simplicity, safety and cleanliness, as well as sparking creativity due to the fact that it can be perceived as a clean slate.

One of the most well-known brands to use white is Apple. Their use of white for their branding is so successful that if you see someone with a white phone or a white notebook, odds are you’ll assume it’s an Apple product.


The psychology of color is something that needs to be considered over and over again – especially when you make changes to your branding, or you are expanding to different parts of the world – or even different parts of the country.

As you can see, there’s a lot more to creating the visual look of your brand than just choosing colors that look good. Choosing the right color for your branding is incredibly important for creating an effective brand and you need to make sure that you keep that in mind at all times, especially if you plan on expanding your business globally.



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