October 10, 2015

Local SEO Service

Local SEO Service

local seo service

local seo service


Local SEO Service

While Google Local listing has plenty of distinction that is very specific to the local business, there are also a lot of aspects of optimization that play a role in getting to Google My Business top 3 listing.

And it is going to be even more important for local businesses to show up on the first page of Google search and maps.

Focus on local SEO optimization both onsite and offsite. That will help boost your rank plus even if you can’t make the top snack pack, it will help your organic ranking.

Many specialists I work with say top organic beats top local ranking anyway.

While you may see some businesses dominating first-page using spam tactics which only leads temporally success. But do make sure your optimization is a white hat which wins competitors ranking for a specific keyword in a long run.


Local SEO Services Singapore

The competition in the cost-per-click and Google AdWords are very expensive. Average CPC Cost is above S$15 in competitive niches.

Singapore is one of the most expensive ad markets in the world (around 2x to 4x more expensive than HK and Japan).

So if you plan to start an online business in a high volume/highly competitive industry, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) should be your top priority.


Focus on links

While links have been a significant part of Google My Business listing, some businesses didn’t have to try too hard to get them rank, simply because their market is less competitive.


Don’t forget that even no-followed links serve an intent, so don’t skip a link opportunity simply because it is a no-follow link. They can still send referral traffic, they can serve to establish a branding process.



Focus on citations

Be sure all your citations and directories are accurate and uniform.


Citations are especially important for local businesses.When Google can’t pull data from a local company, they tend to pull information from other third party sources.


Choose Long-Tail Keywords

In order to avoid big competition in your niche, focus on keywords which have lower competition.

It is preferable to settle on less popular keywords than involving in competition with businesses with better resources than you.

Meantime, you can improve your business recognition by providing helpful and worthy contents to your visitors.


Use Structured Data

Structured Data can help local businesses to reach out to their target readers who are looking for a specific answer.

Structured Data uses the database to correlate keywords with their description and this technique works in a number of ways like for a recipe or article, event etc. Google Data Testing Tool can help you do it.


Search Engine Results are All About Authority

Getting to the top of the search engine result list is all about having an authoritative presence online.

This means you’ve got to ensure that when someone searches for “your products or services near me,” Google and Bing will direct potential clients to you instead of a competitor.

In local SEO service, building this authority is all about citations.

Ensuring that your company’s name, address, phone number (NAP) and website address are identical and consistent.


local seo

local seo


Marketing effectively

Our Local SEO service Singapore is more than just link building, reviews, and directories. But businesses were able to get by with little backlinks if they are not in competitive niches.

We only use quality links from authority sites that are approved by Google.

Tips: investing in marketing, not just building backlinks.


Use Social Media Marketing

Blogging and social media marketing are two popular techniques businesses use for marketing and to increase their search ranking.

However, you can sync these two activities and use them as a much powerful weapon. As mentioned above, you need to position yourself as an expert in your industry.

Providing worthy contents to people would develop their trust on you. Publish your content share them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Tips: The common mistake is the false assumption that businesses should target everyone instead of narrow down their target.

For example, if you provide “Ipad repair” service then choosing “mobile device repair” service would be a mistake.

The purpose of improving local SEO Singapore is to reduce the number of irrelevant visitors on your website that would reduce your bounce rate too.

For example, if you provide “Ipad repair” service then choosing “mobile device repair” service would be a mistake.


Authoritative link from Wikipedia

Wikipedia is another critical step in the process of powerful SEO practices. Having backlinks from a high authoritative website like Wikipedia provides millions of visitors and improve ranking position in search engine.



Competitive analysis

If you are listed on Google search, you are going to aware of every move your competitor makes. Monitoring back links will be crucial.

Set up alerts for your competitor’s business names so that you get a notification if they have an update.

Tips: Don’t sit back and do nothing.

Local businesses have to learn how to adapt the changes that google play or risk being left behind.


Stay Visible and Positive

Ensuring your NAP and website info are accurate in online directories and that you have plenty of positive reviews of your services will build your social proof as an authoritative one.

This will drive more traffic to your site, which will then lead to higher conversions and better success.


The internet age is here to stay. Make sure you’re prepared to ride the wave of local search optimization and you’ll be sure to reap the rewards in your real estate business.


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