Why is Google Maps Important for Your Business

Why Google Maps

Why Google Maps

Why is Google Maps Important for Your Business? If your business depends on the customer from your local area, it has been more important in 2017 than before to maintain and optimize your google map listing page. If haven’t claimed and optimized Google maps page correctly, your business will not show up on Google Maps.

Here are 12 reasons why is Google Maps important for your business in 2017:

1. Build Trust

Claiming a business online builds great trust in front of a wide-ranging of audiences. In this mobile age, only a few people will look for a service in the Yellow Pages and Newspaper when compared to the internet. Most businesses will consider being listed in Google maps, especially if the business serves to local people. By doing so, the most relevant information about your business will be available to your potential customer, even if you do not have a website. Therefore, if you have a business, who cannot afford to maintain a site, Google Maps is the best solution for you.


2. Excellent for SEO

While claiming a business on Google Maps, you are listing all the identifying information about your business, including the link to your company’s website. This means that there is a link to your business on reputation website directing traffic to your website.

Google places converge on local search, so the competition for local businesses on Google Maps will be limited to similar businesses within the region. This means that your business will have chances of getting at the top position of search engine page result for your location or category. Optimize your Google Maps listings page is a major factor in 2017.


3. Draws locals clients

People don’t read newspapers anymore. Only some of the elderly and retired still do. The younger generation depends on their GPS, mobile phones to search everything online.

Though the advertising, media promotions, mailers, and getting involved in the community helps increase local awareness, the first place where people will look for your business or service is online. As the right keyword phrase, your business can be easily found on Google Maps, without any hassles.

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4. It creates opportunities

Every app where the business is listed online on enables for customer comments, reviews, and tips. By claiming a business on Google Maps, you are opening yourself for customer feedbacks that can help improve your business considerably.

Even the negative comments are useful as you know how to take control of your online reputation but positive comments from clients are much valuable than any other marketing aids.


5. Photographs and images of your business

Your can upload photographs, images and videos of your business lead to increased trust from a potential customer’s perspective.


6. You are losing business to your competitors

If you do not claim your own business online, somebody else may. Why losing business to your competitors?


7. Increases branding visibility

Sometimes I don’t know what to have for dinner? I simply open Google Maps, type either “restaurant,” “food delivery,” or ” best seafood restaurant” and when I do so, I am offered with a whole Google maps of related business. It is a notably visual experience that is even better than searching pages after pages.


8. Beats any offline marketing methods

Google Maps beats any offline marketing method for your business in terms of ROI. Especially when your business rank on the first page of google maps.


9. Google Maps  listings beats organic results

Google Maps listings beat organic results when it comes to search results on the first page and it’s cost effective and best return-on-investment (ROI).


10. You need to update Google Maps

It is not only the competitors you’ve to worry about. When you move your business to a new location, you need to update your opening hours, address and new service on Google maps or people still see the old address and details for your business.


11. It’s the best way people knows your business exist

If you don’t claim your business online, then your business does not exist online and you are not taking benefit and it’s FREE.

Google Advertising experts push you on to list your business online for a reason. If you do not claim your own business online, you are missing out on prospective earnings and your competitors will acquire it.


12. It’s FREE

Google Maps is a free service. Google Maps allow businesses to market to their prospective clients in your local area.

Now that you understand Google Maps is an excellent tool which no business can ignore. So, list the exact address and details of your business today itself on Google Maps and enable your prospective customers to get the exact directions to where you exactly are instead of relying on scribbled instructions or a map.

So, list the exact address and details of your business today itself on Google Maps and optimize the page and your prospective client will know where you exactly are and the services your provide.

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