Building Your Brand on Twitter for FREE


Building Your Brand on Twitter: My friend Mike Kawula has recently created this video to show you step by step how you can get started and seeing results immediately with this awesome free marketing tool.


This Twitter Marketing tip that will help your business and brand get in front of targeted people you want to connect with on Twitter.


Building Your Brand on Twitter strategy will help you get in front of

1) Anyone who mentions you on Twitter

2) Anyone who mentions your Competition on Twitter

3) Anyone who mentions a Conference Hashtag you’re interested in

4) Anyone who uses a phrase you’d like to get in front of. Example if you’re a web developer and someone says on Twitter: I need a new Website….you’ll get in front of them.

The recommended tool in this video is IFTTT and it’s an outstanding FREE Tool.

Using this you’ll get more Twitter followers and more importantly get your brand in front of more potential clients.


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