23 Biggest Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Today, I’m going to share with you the biggest Social Media Marketing Mistakes that companies and marketers are committing all the time. You can also watch the video in details by my friend, John Reese above.


Biggest Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid:


1. Not doing competitive research for traffic generation. (use KeywordSpy or Similar Web to do your research).

2. Fail to do SEO and content marketing before buying traffic to validate which keywords produce results.

3.Wasting time in socializing in social media.

4. Not surveying leads to discovering more about their demographics, age group, and interests to improve micro-targeting audiences.

5. Not treating each traffic source and keywords as separate profile center.


social media marketing mistakes

social media marketing mistakes


Not Buying Traffic

6. Not buying traffic is a big mistake. (You can invest one dollar and turn it into two dollars or even five dollars).

7. Fail to write effective ad copy. (one of the most important skills if you’re serious about doing business online).

8. Going for the sales on the first click not nurturing each prospect.

9. Not doing more of ad copy that is converting and delete those ad copy that is not converting.

10. Not hiring other to help and generate traffic. ( your goals is to write small cheques and cash large cheques).

11. Not doing split-test and trying to improve ad copy and targeting options.

12. Ignoring other countries specific target opportunities.

13. Not using Google Trends for potential keywords for business.

14. Using content spinning software is a major mistake. (if content is not meant for human, it’s waste of time).

15. Not using the professional domain name.

16. Does not have a responsive wed design. (you need to be responsive for different mobile devices).

17. Not having a clear and easy to use navigation bar.

18. The design is not consistent from ad to landing pages and sales pages.

19. Using too many keywords for each phrase.

20. Does not have a video on your website or blog. The video is the future of online marketing. This is a major mistake.

21. Not having a call-to-action on your video.(at the end of the video ask the viewer to do something that extends the value of the video).

22. Not constantly monitor analytics and conversion data.

23. Not eliminating non-performing keywords.

These are the 23 biggest Social Media Marketing mistakes to avoid, follow these steps and your marketing effort in 2017 will improve.


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