Why it’s Absolutely Important Business Needs Explainer Video

Why Business Needs Explainer Video?

Improve Conversion Rates

Videos are especially necessary for the online businesses and companies that need to show the product and service they offer. Businesses must acclimate to this growing demand by implementing video and video marketing into their digital marketing portfolio to captivate new customers.

Explainer videos increase the understanding level of the audience because it clearly shows the product benefits and features and how the product can be used to solve a problem or fill a peculiar needs. Videos turn web visitors into clients.

Make Your Product or Message Clearer

The message will be clearer to most viewers and they will have fewer misperceptions about the product or service. When you read articles, some people may misinterpret a phrase, which could leave them muddle or doubtful about taking action.

Video Ads in Various Forms

Bing, Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter have been running video ads for advertisers in various forms for quite some time and this represents potential demand in Video content. So if you’ve been thinking about experimenting with some video advertising on one of these platforms, this is definitely a good time to do it.

SEO Ranking – Real and Simple

Your website is 20 times more likely to rank on the #1 Page of a Search Results if it includes a video.

Videos grab attention and then provide accurate product information, which enables potential customers to make decisions faster.

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Explainer Video

Why You need Explainer Video for your Business

Video on Mobile Devices

As consumers spend more time on their mobile devices, it is important the video must show up on when potential clients are searching online with their smartphone, ipad and tablets.

Grab Viewer Attention in Short Few Seconds

Always use the first three seconds of the video to grab viewers attention by creating curiosity or FEEE giveaway.

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Enabling Audiences to Absorbs Information Faster

Visual, entertaining cartoon enabling audiences to absorbs information faster compare to reading articles.

Easy to Upload Video and Share

The best part about these videos site is that they can easily upload, shared and go viral.

YouTube’s is the #2 ranked search engine on the planet. Viewers search and watch videos on YouTube. It’s excellent place to upload videos and reach a wider audience for free. Statistics also show that by the year 2018, more than 77% of all the searches on the internet will involve video platform.


Explainer videos enable the development of a brand which can really help in influencing potential customers.

[tweetthis]Visitors are more likely to watch a 2-mins video demonstration of your services than to read a load of text.[/tweetthis]


Build Credibility

When you are new, you may have very little credibility. You need to build trust. An explainer video helps you in convincing people to learn more and trust your businesses.

Videos build relationships with your audience as it shows them that you are truly providing solutions for their needs.


In Creating a quality video, you will build trust and credibility, it also made it easier for customers to understand the solutions you are providing.

Ask Yourself this question “If  there were a large amount of people searching online for the products and services your business provides, wouldn’t you do whatever it takes to get the website and video in front of them so they can find you and do business with you?”

As long as there’s continued value to the targeted audience, strategic alliances produce streams of referral business, which will benefit you in the long run.

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